A profound way to

navigate your inner world,

understand yourself more and

gain tools to create your life.


I'm Ready To Journey



Are you a woman who feels like it’s time to recreate yourself and become unstoppable in creating a life aligned with your sovereign self?



My art has been an incredible guide for me to navigate my inner worlds, understand myself more and I use it as a tool to create my life.



Now I would like to start sharing some methods I have developed for myself, with you and women alike, to ignite self sovereignty & creatorship.

Are you ready to re-invent yourself and your life by igniting the truth of your sovereign being?

  • Take this Sovereign Journey to discover what your deeper self wants you to know. Guided with my art and voice.
  • Journey in the comfort of your own home and have a session with me to dive deeper into your inner wisdom.


Out of your head and into your body ... and then go beyond

“I feel it's just what I need, to carve out this sacred me time and stay in connection with my inner self, despite external challenges.”



''This is a place you can pause to come alive, and feel again. Open your senses and get the chance to remember yourself. It's a lot more powerful than I thought it would be. A very physical experience for me.''



 ''It's amazing you can create something like this.''


''I felt I needed this, as I'm in a process of allowing myself to be fully present to make choices that feel right for me and manifest for myself. Gain peace of mind, fewer insecurities and rest in my intuition.''



€227 with 90 minute Creatorship Call

  • Download your personal Journey Journal 
  • Access to online portal
  • Free Phone App portal
  • Journey audios
  • Receive invitations for live online group  journeys
  • Special offers on further 1:1 calls

Let's reclaim our self sovereignty together 

We are so doing this Ladies...

We've been through lots of changes, now let's take it to a whole other level of getting to know and love ourselves, from the inside out.


I’ve been guiding groups of women on this Sovereign Journey since Spring. It’s been so amazing to see how they have been taking leadership of their own inner journey processes and how it’s been making positive impacts in their everyday lives. 


They all said how valuable the 1:1 calls with me were, so I have included this in the package as well as a new community sharing group that will open in the autumn to include live journeying together as well as free webinars.

See you in the sovereign realms.

Love Hazel 





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Creating your reality from a powerful source of inner deep feminine leadership