Join MOON WOMAN 2021/22

Become the leader of creating your own reality, with this life changing training to learn the integral alignment of your body and wisdom as a woman, embodied in your deep feminine.




* Gain confidence and raise your intuition with your body consciousness

* Step into the greatness of your passion, creatorship and soulful purpose

* Explore, bring out and master your gifts

* Use the power of your sacred sexual energy as a catalyst for lasting change

* Deep dive into your internal navigation for living a soul empowered life

* Ground your higher-self wisdom in your body in this life



* Questing the Labyrinth

*  Wise Woman - Winter

* Soul Self - North - Air

* Wild Maiden - Spring

* Sacred Warrior - East - Fire

* Lover Leader - Summer

* Truth Navigator - South - Water

* Mother Midwife - Autumn

* Sovereign Queen & The Sacred Seed  West - Earth



An integral program led by me, Hazel Grace, where I guide you to become your own greatest teacher. I will be weaving in multiple tools and practices to assist you on your journey, diving into the realms of the deep feminine and coming alive.

* Moon and womb wisdom for menstrual cycles, every day living and rooted power

* Shamanism, archetypes & mythology

* Sacred Sexuality & Sacred Geometry 

* Wisdom of nature, herbs, trees, elements, cycles and ceremonies 

We Journey Together

Releasing old patterns, behaviours and control. Stepping out of old cycles and creating new path ways to allow ourselves to really feel alive and whole. Bringing the magic of the deep feminine alive again within us.

Let's break free from the old ways and thrive in our own inner source of power, awaken the magic of life, speak up and bring ourselves into our lives more than we have ever done before. I'm doing this and I invite you to join me, as we master and dive deep in the power of our own creatorship and magnificence as women. 


Over the transformational cycle of a year, I will share with you my unique gifts of art, writing, storytelling, channelling, bodywork, wisdom of the deep feminine and mysteries of divine union. These are all pathways and portals I use to facilitate you, in discovering and bringing out your unique gifts and the best in you.

"I want to let you know that

you inspire me big time!"

E. from Holland

This Is Right For You If You Are ...

  • Dedicated to 12 months of personal growth
  • Curious about diving deep into your own inner wisdom and navigating your inner landscapes.
  • Interested to discover the magic of living with the cycles of life, learning from moon & nature.
  • Eager to create your life through the power of your own life force, sexual and sensual.
  • Open to Ignite your body wisdom, intuition, inner divine union and self creatorship.
  • Committed to taking responsibility for your own transformation and go beyond old comforts.
  • Ready for change - maybe after a big life change, loss or rebuilding your life.

DATES 2021 - 2022

We gather online on Sundays for a day of learning and experiences 12 - 6 PM CET

OCT 31, DEC 19, JAN 30, 

MAR 20, APR 24, JUNE 19

JULY 31, SEPT 18


All course dates must be attended to get full benefit from the program

* Homework every 2-3 weeks 

* Community group for sharing 

* Access the program with phone AP



* FREE course book sent to you 

* FREE access to Sovereign Journey

* FREE intro Creatorship Call

* Offers on 1:1 additional sessions

* VIP Offers on other live events 

Join Me For A Life Changing Year

Take your place in the Moon Woman year program this year and journey beyond what you know of yourself today - discover an integral version of you

Feel like you want to check in with me to see that Moon Woman is a fit for you? 

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