The Sovereign Warrior

Embody The Alchemy Of Leading In Love

Margo Awanata & Hazel Evans


Join Us For A Transformational Journey

In The Heart Of England

Glastonbury 12 & 13 August 2022

A two-day intensive created for all women who:

🔥 Hear the call to experience sacred work in Avalon

🔥 Want to ignite their inner flame, inner union of masculine and feminine energies

🔥 Want to release what is holding you back, making you hide from life and love

🔥 Want to let go of lower vibrations in your body, of shame, insecurity & judgement

🔥 Embody the essence of your higher self and remember your soul vibration

🔥 Want to reconnect to your heart and self-sovereign power

🔥 Want to nurture the power of standing in your authenticity 

🔥 Want to experience and work with two highly experienced Priestesses

🔥 Stand for and take responsibility for their own transformation

In these times of great change, we are called more than ever to stand in our power, our inner sovereignty, speak and embody truth in the name of love and unity, and invoke change in order to create a new reality for the better. This is the way of The Sovereign Warrior. She who stands for the way of the heart and dares to expose her voice from within. 

But what does it take to understand and embody

this wisdom and then to live it?

Meet Margo, Priestess of the Sacred Feminine, and Hazel Priestess of Love and Sacred Sexuality who are joining forces to bring you into a deeper embodied connection with yourself, body and soul, held in a circle of sisterhood, nature and sacred sites in the heart of England, Glastonbury. 

Join us for a profound initiatory journey to open up to your Sovereign Warrior within. She who supports you on your quest of leading in pure love, and in making quantum leaps with your personal evolution.

This is the place and time to heal, transform and empower yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you 

Margo and Hazel

Here's What You'll Experience

By joining us on this journey you'll give yourself a profound gift to build upon. Embody the essence of the Sovereign Warrior and meet your primal voice, the beat of your deep innate heart wisdom, the stirring vibrations in your belly that guide you, your spiritual source for creating new life, and the expression of your soul to stand in your power.

Wild Womb Wisdom

Full Moon Ceremony 

Sacred Water temple initiation 

Awaken and build upon deep, loving self-confidence

Unleash your inner Wild Woman and inner Priestess

Sisterhood of the Sovereign Warrior

Divine Healing, self-empowerment  

Lots of adventure and fun

Join Us For The Sovereign Warrior Journey

Glastonbury, The Heart Of England 12 & 13 August. Reserve Your Place Now. Click On The Button Below

WHEN: 12 & 13 August 2022

WHERE: Glastonbury UK


€247 Early bird until 1 July  


TRAVEL: Please make your own travel arrangements, this is not included in the price.

ACCOMMODATION: Please make your own sleeping  arrangements. Accommodation is not included in the price. When you book you will be sent a selection of places to stay in Glastonbury; local campings, B&B's and hotels.

PREPARATION: information on accommodation, what to bring and preparation to get the best out of your experience will be emailed to you when you make your booking. 


Margo and Hazel are both highly experienced Priestesses, (both initiated from years of training), ceremonial leaders and mentors for women. 

More about Margo

More about Hazel


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